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Optimizing Channel Programs



Right now is not the time to cut back on sales and marketing efforts but rather to get aggressive and assist your clients in doing more with less. The same is true with your partnerships.

Partnering with companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco and Citrix has many advantages such as:

  • Providing proven solutions which benefit your clients.
  • Technical support and training.
  • Marketing and lead generation tools
  • Increase in visibility with potential clients.
  • Sales closing assistance

But here are some questions you should be asking:

  • Are your partners providing you with the same level of support they were in the past?
  • Is your business really growing and is there an increase in your profit margins as a result of your partnerships?
  • Are you utilizing the marketing tools available to you for solutions which differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  •  Have you extended your value with proven solutions which benefit your clients?
  • Have you expanded your sales reach, entering new markets and have you increased the amount of leads and opportunities in your pipeline?
  •  Are you aware of which partners have co-op funds and do you make the most of them?
  • Have you nurtured and developed relationships with your partners to the point of having a “go to” contact at each?

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